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Positive and Negative Impacts of Space Exploration 

Negative Impacts of Space Exploration:

- It is treacherous

 - It stimulates hazard to the biosphere

- It leads to pollution in space

- It is very costly

- Self-replicating

technologies are dangerous

- There is a potential chance of discovering dangerous 


- It could possibly endanger life on Earth

- There is a shortage of technology

- Resources are needed more on earth

- The moon's gravity is too in` for human health

- Children would not develop properly in low-gravity moon colony

- Moon dust is an extremely abrasive substance

- A moon colony would be at extreme risk of meteor strikes

- Temperature extremes make colonizing the moon very challenging

Positive Impacts of Space Exploration:

- We could get more natural resources

- It could help us create jobs

- We would have more technological advances based on space industry expansion

- We could use satellite communication

- We would could have new levels of freedom

- It would drive innovation

- We could potentially find other life forms

- It would fill the desires of adventure and


- Other planets could help us better understand more about the origin of the earth

- It could help ensure the survival of humanity

- It drives cooperation between different countries

- It prevents the impact of asteroids or other dangerous things floating towards Earth

- It will offer new scientific possibilities

- It allows us to know more about our surrounding planets

- We will potentially have safety planets in case the earth is destroyed


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