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Privatization of Space Travel

Private space travel was illegal until 2004. Making private space travel 

legal expanded ways to learn more about our solar system and explore it. 

Now that Earth is running out of natural resources we start paying 

attention to space. There is still a lot to explore and find out about the 

solar system and there  could possibly be new and improved resources on 

other planets and such. There is a chance that there could be multiple 

undiscovered resources in space. The tools to explore  space have 

improved over the years. It started with a telescope, which was one of the 

earliest tools for space exploration. Since the late 2000's scientists have 

been able to do many experiments in the low-Earth orbit.     

The first orbiting space station is called the International Space Station (ISS). 

The ISS is meant for long term visits from astronauts from different 

countries. The different things that scientists will learn from the ISS will be a 

huge stepping stone on the way, sending humans on manned missions to 

further than before. As time goes on and on hopefully scientists will learn 

more and more about our universe and be creating tools to explore the 

depths of space.

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